SKF Bearings

SKF manufactures virtually every type of ball and roller bearing. Many are available in more than one of the four SKF performance classes:

SKF Standard

Standard SKF bearings are well known for their superior quality and long service life. However, some applications must accommodate heavier loads while reducing friction, heat and wear in the bearing. For these applications, SKF Explorer bearings are the obvious choice.

SKF Explorer

Bearings in the SKF Explorer performance class have been shown to run cooler smoother, longer than non-Explorer bearings. SKF Explorer bearings, which were developed for more heavily loaded applications, are manufactured from extremely clean, homogenous steel that undergoes a unique heat treatment. The unique heat treatment provides an optimum balance between hardness and toughness. The internal geometry and cages have been optimized to reduce friction and wear. The surface finish of all contact surfaces promotes the formation of a hydrodynamic film.


SKF Energy Efficient

As the need to conserve energy grows more apparent every day, the technology that enables even a small reduction in energy consumption is big news.

Drawing on over 100 years of engineering knowledge and unmatched expertise in the field of tribology and related sciences, SKF has created the SKF Energy Efficient (E2) performance class.

While SKF bearings have continually evolved toward ever greater efficiency and reliability, this new performance class represents a significant breakthrough. SKF E2 bearings reduce frictional losses in a bearing by 30% or more when compared to a comparably sized standard SKF bearing. This means that when compared to other manufacturers’ bearings, the reduction can be even more dramatic.


SKF Super-precision

To keep up with the ever increasing performance challenges of precision applications, SKF has a full line of super-precision bearings. These bearings have an optimized design, enabling them to accommodate higher speeds compared to bearings in the former high precision performance class. The benefits of the new performance class are evident by the improved overall bearing performance. 

Bearings in the super-precision performance class are characterized by:

  • high-speed capability
  • high load carrying capacity
  • high stiffness
  • low friction
  • extended bearing service life 

A wide assortment of plain bearings, rod ends and bushings are also available. 
The design and material variants for these bearings are quite extensive.

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