Our Services

At Diamond Bearings we work with our clients to procure the best bearings available in the market from the top manufacturers, and we do that in time and in the most cost efficient way possible.  

We also work with our clients to achieve the maximum life possible from the bearings they purchase with proper training and education on best practices and correct lubrication methods as these two topics alone account for a very high proportion of premature bearing failures.

Call us today – 00966 1 3 830 1608 and speak to our knowledgeable staff to provide solutions to any bearings related needs and requirements.

Why choose us!

  • Suppliers are “best in class” whose products will provide extended maintenance intervals
  • Large product range offering a one-stop shop
  • Round the clock service and support to give fast response to problems and downtime
  • Give technical support to improve plant reliability
  • Family owned and operated for over 17 years

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